NLS method to pick up the antibiotic required for treatment.

Doctor of Medicine, professor, Omsk Government Medical Academy :

After a complex operation in the field of small pelvis I had a serious condition, daily in the evenings in the course of 5-6 days the temperature rose to 39 degrees and higher. The cause of the postoperative complication remained obscure. The newest antibiotics of broad range of action appeared inefficient. I decided to define the etiology of the disease using the NLS method and pick up the antibiotic required for treatment. "Oberon" indicated a staphylococcal infection. It was important to pick up a drug for treatment of this infection. Out of more than 30 antibiotics, specified in the program "Metapathia ", the device indicated Oxacillinum, an old antibiotic used in Russia more than 25 years ago. In two days after the intramuscular injection of Oxacillinum the temperature dropped to subfebrile, my condition considerably improved. In a satisfactory condition I was discharged home. In the course of the next four months I had batches of fever, delicacy, sweating, and tussiculation. I had to find out the diagnosis. Out of different diseases specified in the"Oberon" process I chose one - which was radical pneumonia. With the help of the device I chose an antibiotic for treatment which was doxycycline. After the treatment, the phenomenon that had disturbed me disappeared. It became clear to me, that after the operation and narcosis I developed a two-sided pneumonia which was not timely recognized. I shall notice, that the monographies on pneumonia issued by Academician V.I.Pokrovski et all. in 1995, stated that the lethality at intrahospital pneumonias reached 40-50 %, that is, nearly every second patient dies. Quite often these pneumonias take a lingering course. Summarizing the above, with all definiteness I can declare, that I owe my life both to the surgeons who operated me, and to Vladimir Igorevich Nesterov, the enlightened talented person who had trained me in NLS method and given me the skills how to operate "Oberon", shortly before I was hospitalized. Have I not learned how to operate the device I would not survive after the operation at the neglected pneumonia. The NLS-method is expedient for use to define whether the cure fits to the patient. With the help of the device I checked the effect of medicines on the systems of biological adaptation of my organism. It appears, that approximately 60-65 % of the drugs, prescribed to me once, considerably increase the adaptable reserves, 20-25 % sharply reduce them, the other 10-15 % react sort of neutrally . It was in particular found out, that Riboxinum, which is prescribed to improve trophicities of cardiac muscle, and Cinnorizin prescribed to improve brain blood circulations, in my case, dramatically reduce adaptive reactions. It became clear why at the long-course treatment, prescribed to me repeatedly for a number of years, these drugs did not improve my condition. I believe, that utilization of the NLS method can increase efficacy of the traditional methods of treatment, will allow to individualize treatment, picking up just those drugs, which salutarily affect this or that organ, increase bioenergetics of the body in general.