Multiple Sclerosis

Detecting "hidden" infections, as well as diagnostics and selection of medical agents and herbs by NLS method

Microbiologist, Natural Nidus Infections Institute:

I extensively use the device "Oberon" for detecting "hidden" infections, as well as diagnostics and selection of medical agents and herbs by NLS method. I have repeatedly and successfully applied the acquired knowledge, helping myself and my folks. I'll give you some examples. Last August when in country house, I felt cutting pains in intestine. Using the device I detected an inflammation in cholic bladder, as well as an infection contamination: golden staphylococcus. I was takin immortelle, which removes infection contamination and recovers operation of cholic bladder, for 1.5 days. Everything passed. My daughter complained to acute severe pains in intestine. She paid a visit to a physician, who detected a contagious colitis; the recommendation was to do seeding in order to select a medicine. We didn't do it. We defined the infection on "Oberon" instead, and picked up the therapy. The daughter was taking the selected drug for a day. As a result she is healthy. My daughter's friend complained of frequent illnesses of her child. On the device I detected presence of an infection contamination in the boy. I recommended dog-rose alongside with biologically active food supplements. Everything came to normal.

physician, researcher of Laboratory of Encephalitises of Natural Nidus Infections Institute:

I graduated in 2000 V.I.Nesterov's courses on NLS diagnostics technique and therapy and have been examining patients (basically my relatives, acquaintances, employees of the Institute) ever since in the course of the last two years. In Mrs. K.N. an employee of my Institute who had the official diagnosis "multiple sclerosis", the NLS method detected a cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr's virus, and mononucleosis was diagnosed. After a treatment with nosodes picked up by NLS method, her condition normalized. In 4 days the patient's depression was replaced by excellent mood, almost euphoria, and the desire to overcome everything. Based on the results of examination on "Oberon" improvements have been noted. The treatment is proceeding. NLS method has investigated ancestral peculiarities in operation of different organs and systems, and detected predisposition to the same pathology in family members. Thus in one family, grandmother, son, daughter and the 15-year-old grand daughter - all had changes in pancreas, and an intestinal dysplasia. In other family a 67 years old mother had some lesion on her leg. She was taken to hospital. Using the NLS method I detected a Kaposi's sarcoma in her, and the diagnosis proved to be true. The woman was operated concerning a malignant tumour. In her son, who was apparently healthy I found a predisposition to this pathology and a number of similar signs. Using the NLS method information drugs were manufactured, which helped suppressing an "epidemy" in Nizhnevartovsk where I worked in summer of 2002 (high temperature and nausea were noted all at once in several families among children and adults). The successful cupping of the disease was performed overnight with the help of custom-made metasods, with a complete convalescence in two or three days. At this "epidemy" NLS method detected a staphylococcus in all patients.