Physiospect Diagnostics

Physiospect - Quick Start Guide

Short simple manual


Physiospect Diagnostics


Click on: “Start”

Click on “New Card”

Fill in client details

New card filled out » Headphones on » Click on “OK”

Or click on: “Select card”, Select name of client » Headphones on » Double click name

Click on “Research” » Highlighted when the head phone connection is ok

Here you can now tick any problem areas » Select “ Normal ” » Click on “Continue”



Click on “Uncheck” & “By Alphabet “

Select “Automatic choice”

 Scroll up/down & select first

“Coronal Thoracotomy at the level of ascending part of aorta

Put a tick “V” in the box

Click “Start Research”


Upper Organs


Organs in upper body are scanned

General readout

Various parts are also scanned in more details

Organs where problems are detected are usually individually scanned.

Alongside the scanned parts/organs there is now a colour button

Green is good, Red is medium to heavy stress. Brown very heavy stress

Highlight Coronal Thoracotomy

Click on “Current analysis”

 Click on “ Meta Therapy”



You can now compare the state of the various organs Scale 1 to 6

1 & 2 are perfect

3 & 4 small to medium stress

5 & 6 heavy to very heavy stress

You will see a 2 pictures

Click on the left one. Protector

Click on “Start “

Meta Therapy will now be done.

Changing the frequencies of the stressed organs.

Repeat the process several times & see what changes take place

Click on “Current analysis”

Click on “Comparative analysis”

Click on “First Graph”

Click on “Auto Search” or go to first test.



You will now see how much improvement has taken place with the Meta Therapy
"Decreasing of Nidus of effect" simply means how much of the organ(s) has been affected

A big improvement indicates an acute problem
A small improvement indicates more of a chronic problem

You have completed a Physiospect analysis and Treatment session.
Click on "Exit"
Click on "Exit" again





From the list of organs/parts analyzed click on one in Red or Brown. F. exp: Liver
You now can see the results of the Liver scan
Graph: Red line is structure. Blue line is function
When the two lines overlap it is very good. You will not see this too often
Click on "Current analysis" Headphones must be in place
If you do not have contact "View results" comes up. Check headphones



1. and 2. Perfect
3. Small organ stress
4. Medium organ stress
5. Heavy organ stress and Imbalance
6. Very heavy stress and Serious Imbalance
Left side on top of graph .
Click on "Test"



New window
Click on "Pathomorphology" Put a check (V) in box to the left
This will show diseases and illnesses in the organ investigated. Here the selected Liver is being analyzed

Click on Auto Scan.
This will give an "Entropy analysis"
Click on Auto Scan again to stop
Everything in red (under 0.425) should be investigated
Select the top one. Go to Entropy analysis
1, 2 an 3 No problem 4 and 5?
6 and 7 Potential problem
Go to Adjustment
If number gets smaller there is a problem now or it could be a problem in the future
Click again on Entropy analysis. If 6 or 7 you must investigate
Click on Exit
Go to "VegetoTest". (Upper right hand side)
The selected illness for liver is here analyzed

Go to Comparative analysis
Click on Second graph
Scroll down to the very bottom. Highlight problem analyzed. Do not click in box V
Here you can make comparison of original analysis of liver with the disease analyzed for liver.
Less than 11 % worsening. No immediate problem
More than 11% worsening. Some treatment is needed.
Higher the numbers, more serious is problem
If "strengthening" up there is no issue with tested disease
Increase of Nidus etc.: How much of the organ is affected
Decrease of Nidus etc.: There is no problem.


Go to "Exit"
Click on "Test"
Select next disease. Repeat above process.
Continue till everything in red, under 0,425 has been analyzed
Click on "test"
Click on Microorganism etc. V in box. (Uncheck V for Pathomorphology)
This will show any Bacteria's and Viruses in liver
Check on everything Under 0.425 in red.
One at a time
Highlight the Bacteria/Virus to be tested
Go to Vegoto Test (Entropy analysis does not work here)
Then Comparative Analysis
Click on "second graph" Scroll down to the very bottom for results. Highlight (no V).
Results can now be evaluated in the same way as for Pathomorphology

Go to Exit
Exit again
Select original scan of Liver or if you want to treat a particular issue select this.
Click on "Meta therapy".
Click on "Start"

The liver is now getting the frequencies of the perfectly healthy liver
Repeat several times Up to 10-12 times if needed
Ideally everything should be yellow. At least get rid of the 5's & 6's. Do not bother to try to change the 3's to 2 or 1
With the above procedure completed you have finished an initial analysis and treatment of the client's liver and problems.
Click: Comparative analysis Select: First graph. Then Auto Search (very first test)
Highlight initial test. Do not insert V. See % of improvement
You can go also back to "Test" to see the improvements of selected issues.
Repeat the whole process for any other organ under stress
You can select any organ or body part or system to analyze.
Up to 5 organs at any one time. (I have often done more)
You must wait 24 hours before you can analyze & test the same organ again
Now if you click on "Homeopathy" potential homeopathic remedies will be suggested
Again any remedies under 0.425 should be investigated by going to "VegetoTest"
First highlight the remedy (remember the V) and then click on ""VegetoTest"
Click on "Exit"
Click on "Comparative analysis"
Click on "Second Graph".
Scroll down and highlight the test of the remedy. (Do not click a V in box)
This is determined in the same way as when you are investigating an illness or issue.
If the remedy is beneficial for the problem or organ it will show an improved situation. I like to see it over 25%.
If it is a good remedy it will usually also show a decrease in the Nidus of defeat.

If no remedies are shown in red, click on "Imperative model" (bottom right corner)-
This will often select a beneficial remedy. You will have to test it by going to "VegetoTest" and then making the comparison.

Go to Exit.
Go to Test.
Now you can select an Allopathic remedy.
Again go to VegetoTest and make a comparison.

By going to "Etalon description", if the remedy selected is described as beneficial for the symptoms experienced, or the problem selected, you will know both that there is an issue here, and that the remedy is beneficial for the organ or illness under investigation. Of course it has to show a substantial improvement before being prescribed. (Not all remedies or issues are covered in the "Etalon description"). When the button is highlighted you will get some information.

For both the homeopathic and allopathic remedies you can transfer the frequencies into a solution of sugar, alcohol or water. I do not like to use just water; I prefer a 25% solution of brandy in water. Or sugar pills moistened with vodka or gin.




To make the transfer, highlight (with the V) the remedy to be made
then put the selected receiving media (alcohol or pills) in the transfer cup. Not loose, but in a container.
Click on "Reprinter"
Click on "Invert"
Selected receiving media "sugar, alcohol etc"
Click on "Start preparation"

I normally advice two to three pills 2 or 3 times a day.
With drops 4-5 drops.
When you are making the remedy the client will at the same time receive the frequencies of the remedy.
The remedies can only be made with the headphones on.
I have found that in many cases these selected remedies can also be most effective.
By clicking on "Absolute model" this will show which remedies go together.


Now if you have a remedy from elsewhere (like from the pharmacy) and you want to know how effective this remedy is for you, do the following. With the full picture of the organ up, click on Vegoto Test. A box will now come up and here you will write the name of the remedy. The remedy itself is placed in the receiving cup. Not loose but in a container.
Click on OK and the remedy will be analyzed. You can now make the comparison of how effective it will be in the same manner as with homeopathic remedies.

I primarily use "Pathomorphology and Microorganisms and Helminthes"

Others are:
"Organopreperation" requires a certain medical background to understand and use.
"Biochemical homeostasis" can be tested on NLS analysis, very similar to "Entropy analysis" but you must have an understanding of blood analysis to use it.
"Phytotherapy" is herbal remedies.
"Neutriceutical and Pharmaceuticals" shows various recommended products.
"Allergens" will highlight any products to which you may be allergic. My experience here and with other computer allergy programs is that these are more of a sensitivity test than a true allergy test.
"Food" Here are food recommended by the program creator. You may agree or not agree with the suggestions, depending on your nutritional concepts.
Lithotherapy is a selection of precious and semi precious stones.
Nutripower is a selection of Nutripower products.

You can check on the compatibility on any of these products by going to VegetoTest
and then making a comparison analysis, same as for any remedy.


More on Therapy


Having established the state of an organ and selected the appropriate remedies to deal with the issue,
we now come to the therapy program.
We have already dealt with Meta therapy which I think is the absolute best.
But we an also do a Bicom therapy, where we, as well as giving the therapy to the client, can transfer the harmonious frequencies into a receiving medium (sugar pills, water etc) for the client to take until next time you see him/her

With the selected organ up (for example liver) you click on "Reprinter"
Next go to "Invert"
Select the receiving medium: Water, Sugar pills, Spirit.
Place the selected medium in the Cup.
Click on "Start preparation"

A Bicom therapy will now be effected, where the disharmonies frequencies are converted into harmonious frequencies, and at the same time that the client is receiving this treatment the harmonious frequencies are transported into the receiving media, pills or alcohol, to be taken two or three times a day.

Another aspect of this: If there is any part of the organ under examination that shows more stress than the rest,
or if there is a part that does not respond to "Meta therapy" you can go to "Localize". Using the left mouse button you can draw a border around the stubborn part, click on "Evaluate"



This particular area will then be investigated further.
No go to "Exit". Where you see a square box next to the (v) for the organ, highlight this.
You will now be back to a picture of the organ with the stubborn area selected.
Click on "Preparation"
Click on "Invert"
Click on "Start Preparation"
OK and Exit.
The stubborn part of the organ has now had a treatment and its inverted frequencies transferred into the receiving media.
I use this therapy when I want the client to have something to take to reinforce what we have already done.
Otherwise I primarily use the Meta Therapy.

The Meta Therapy to me is the most exciting part of the Physiospect.
I have seen small miracles happen using Meta Therapy.
The concept behind the Meta Therapy is that everything in the universe is frequencies, and the developers of
the Physiospect have programmed into the computer the frequencies of perfectly healthy organs.
Through the head phones these healthy frequencies are now transferred to the back brain and from here
encouraging the selected organ to heal, which it always wants to do.
If it is an acute problem you can see immediate major results with 5's and 4's changing to 2's and 3's.
With a chronic situation the results may not be that dramatic.
But changes always take place.

All the previous manuals for the Physiospects and Introspects stated that you should not give more than 5 treatments for any one issue, and then wait 3 weeks before giving another treatment session.

With my past experience in biofeedback systems this did not make sense, so I asked my Moscow instructor why they proposed these limitations.

Her answer was as follows: If you do more than the recommended treatment sessions the client may experience some discomfort. The client may get a headache; she/he may experience some discomfort, weakness, runny nose, and other uncomfortable symptoms. So to avoid any complaints of ill feeling etc, these cautious procedures are recommended

But for me such signs are great. It means the therapy is working. I see it every week with our fasting clients.
In homeopathy they say that the client will get worse before getting better. This is the old impurities coming out.

So I experimented first of all on myself. This past year and a half I have had several physical problems and I believe they were all brought on to show me how incredible effective the Physiospect Meta therapy is.

The latest was as follows:
I developed an unbearable pain in my rectum. It was so bad that I had to call my doctor out to her surgery on a Saturday, when she was normally closed. She promptly identified the rectum problem as a large cyst in the rectum, and recommended more or less immediate surgery.

But first we had to run a series of blood and urine test.
As soon as I got home I turned on the Physiospect and ran a test on my rectum. Now the program is not very good (in my opinion ) in identifying cysts or cancer. But it did show that my rectum was under extreme stress, it was all black, only 5's & 6's. So I started treating the rectum with Meta Therapy, and did so till there were no more changes. There were definite improvements, but still a lot of stress.

I continued to treat my rectum two or three times every day. 12- 15 times in each session. On the second day the cyst burst.

Fortunately for me it was Easter time and therefore the laboratory was closed, and thus it was ten days from the day that I first went to see my doctor till the laboratory tests came back. Otherwise I would probably have to fight not to go under the knife. But after ten days of Physiospect treatment, my rectum now was all yellow, only 1's and 2's.

I told my doctor what the laboratory tests would show (I had the results from my computer) and sure enough the laboratory tests were in complete agreement with my computer findings.

My doctor now examined me, and she was amazed.
She said: "You are completely healed. If we had done the operation
it would have been several weeks before you would heal.
You must have the most incredible immune system".
My answer. "I have the most incredible computer program."

My instructor in Moscow is a homeopath and like some homeopaths she takes the long range view, come back in 3 or 4 weeks and we will see what happens.

I am the impatient type, let's see what we can do now.
Moscow has warned me that too much therapy can have some side effects. However with the Physiospect 15 the recommended therapy sessions have completely changed, particularly for acute problems.

You can do 7-12 treatments each time, up to once an hour and every day for acute problems.
For eye problems you should wait one week.
Moscow does not say anything about pacemakers, but I would be very careful with doing Meta Therapy on a person with a pacemaker. I would also minimize treatments on the heart.

More on Meta therapy
Repeat the process 7-12 times or even more till there are no changes taking place.
If any part is stubborn drag the green marker over to that area, which will give more emphasis to that particular stubborn part.
I have hit an organ up to 20 times to achieve the desired results.
But again be careful if dealing with the heart.
If too much Meta therapy the client may have an uncomfortable night.

When you feel you have done enough therapy go to "Current analysis"
Go to "Comparative Analysis"
Click on "First graph" and highlight the original test.
Do not put a V in the box.
You will now see the improvements achieved.
"Decrease of nidus of defeat" tell you how much of the organ has
improved with the therapy. Often, except in chronic cases, this is 100%.




When you click on "Meta Therapy" you will see a two pictures.
One is the "Protector" the other is the "Destructor"
The Protector is used for all therapies.

The Destructor has a completely different function.
By clicking on the Destructor and then Start you can eliminate any Virus or Bacteria.
First from "Microorganism and Helminths" you will find a virus or bacteria.
You will check this with "VegetoTest"
Run a Comparison analysis. If this shows a worsening condition you have an active virus or bacteria.
Highlight this, click on "Meta" click on the "Destructor" click on "Start".

As an example: You have selected "Pancreas and Spleen". Click on "Start Research"
Click on: "Research done. OK" Click on "Current analysis"
Click on "Test". Click on "Microorganisms and Helminths"
Staphylococcus Aureus is shown on top of the list. Highlight this and go to "VegoTo test".
Go to "Exit" Click on "Comparative analysis". Click on "Second graph".
Scroll down and highlight "Pancreas and spleen Staphylococcus Aureus"
If there is a weakening condition over 11% you have an active Staphylococcus Aureus.
Go to "Exit".
Go to"Exit" again

Select "Pancreas and spleen -Staphylococcus Aureus" Go to "Current analysis" Click on "Meta Therapy"-
Click on the -Destructor. Click on Start.
The bacteria will now be knocked out of your pancreas and spleen. You will have to repeat several times and everything will change to a higher number, often all will be 5's and 6's.
You will also probably find the same bacteria in several other organs
and you must repeat the process for each organ. However it is probably best to identify these other infected organs prior to running the "Destructor". as the "Destructor" seems to give some of the other organs a negative reading.
Once you have activated the "Destructor" you can not do any Therapies or testing for one or two days?
Be careful with the "Destructor" Not recommended for beginners.


My own story: 

For about 2 1/2 years I suffered from an eczema on my ankle.
These open sores were probably the reason why I in India picked up a violent "Bacteria Pseudomona".
If you should be unlucky enough to catch this bacteria in a hospital, the mortality rate is 35.5 %.
It was the worst case my doctor had ever seen.



A lab test confirmed the findings of the Physiospect both for the bacteria and the antibiotics, the the selected antibiotic cleared up the Bacteria, but my ankle did not heal.
After some time I requested, from my doctor another lab test as the Physiospect had identified
an active Staphylococcus Aureus in my system. The lab test confirmed this, but after 5 dozes of antibiotics and several medical creams, all of which all just aggravated the case, a multitude of natural remedies and treatments all of which were promising to knock out the Staphylococci Aureus, my foot still did not heal.
The Physiospect 11 confirmed that the bacteria was still very active in my system. Then I got the new model Physiospect 15 with the added feature of the "Destructor"
(Model 11 did not have this).
Once I started using the "Destructor" there was a substantial reduction in the Staphylococcus readings.
OK. I did not happen overnight, it was a bit of a roller coaster over several weeks, as the bacteria was well entrenched in many of my organs, including the brain, all of which had to be treated with the "Destructor"
But now, thanks to the Physiospect and with the additional help of EFTsessions and colloidal silver, my ankle is finally healing.
After 2 years the Bacteria Staphylococcus is no longer active in my system.





Go to "Card Research"
Click on "Print Research"
By clicking on the picture (using the V) that you want to print, the selected pictures will be printed.
By clicking on the first and the last pictures you will have a good comparison of before and after.
4 pictures on an A4 sheet.


Another feature which I have not mentioned so far,
When you go in "Current analysis" at the top of the page you will see four buttons:
This will put a bunch of crosses over the organ and by passing the mouse over this you will be able to read what part of the organ this is.





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