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In 2010 Janni and I went to Madrid for a Reconnection conference with Eric Pearl. This is something that I really wanted to do, as I have been following Eric for some time.
There were about 700 of us at this Reconnection seminar, and when asked who had experienced a major healing during the weekend, probably 200 people raised their hands.
We were not only reconnected to the SOURCE, but Janni and I both were reconnected with our 12 strands DNA.

Eric has had some miraculous healing experiences both in his practice and during seminars. It was more than fascinating to watch as practically everyone connected with the source of the divine healing energy.
In Reconnection they have a saying:


I had been having some new problems with my right knee, and I was hoping for healing for this problem. We returned to Portugal, and there was no improvement in my knee.
It was still painful.

I was now faced with a dilemma. This knee had been giving me problems for about 25 years, it finally got so bad that I could not sit for meditation, or even go swimming, the kneecap would just pop out. Believe me, that is painful.


knee problems


A few years ago, while body surfing in Kerala in India, the kneecap popped out and locked as I was going out under the waves.
Four days in bed. Sometimes thereafter I got the Physiospect, and I started treating my knee problem with the Physiospect. Quite frankly, I did not believe that it was going to do any good. Sure, I can understand how this unit can fix a multitude of problems, liver, heart, lungs etc, but after all, my knee ligament were probably simply worn out, (I was then 82) and or damaged heavily during my competitive skiing days.
I was given a 50-50 chance of improvement with surgery, and I just did not like these odds. So over a period of time, I treated the knee with the Physiospect,
I had the unit, nothing to lose.
And the problem went away.
No more pain, I could sit in meditation, go swimming, my knee was OK.
But prior to going to the Reconnection seminar, the knee had started to act up again. Not the same problem as before, but a problem. It was painful.

There was no healing of my knee at the Reconnection seminar. It was just as bad as before.

Upon returning home, I was in a real conflict.
If I believe that we are all connected to the divine source, which I do believe, and if I did not receive any healing for my knee, which I was hoping for, maybe that is just the will of God.
I will just have to accept this!!
And then this message came through:

God gave you the Physiospect to help yourself and others!
Where do you think this unique program came from?

I also received this message:
You are not a disbeliever just because your knee did not get healed in Madrid.
You are one of the extremely fortunate ones who have the Physiospect at your disposal. It fixed your knee problem before, it will fix it again.

So I started treating my knee again, and 10 days later, no more problems.
In a way it does remind me of one experience a few years ago, after I did the 21day “Living on Light and Prana” fast. In those days I would spend one or two month meditating with a Sufi master in Japur, India.
Then upon arriving in India, when my Sufi master invited me for dinner. I told him, thank you, but I do not have to eat any more, I can live on Light and Prana, and I told him about doing the 21 days fasting and transformation program.
He asked me why I had done this, and I told him: “For Spiritual Reasons only”. I want to become enlightened.
He informed me: You are a fool. I could have given you all those spiritual enlightenments in 5 minutes. There are Yogis in the Himalayas who have practiced this for hundreds of years, and they have not made one step forward on the spiritual path.
It is all about the body. God gave us food to eat. Now sit down and eat!

The funny thing is that at the same time that I was having some new knee problems, my Moinhos Velhos business partner also developed a knee problem. Her boyfriend is a former engineer, he is very much within the square box of the establishment, and he rushed her off to hospital. So she had an operation, then another operation, then 6 month later to Norway for another operation, where they informed her that the first 2 operations had been completely unnecessary and of no use.
My problem was gone in 10 days.


If you are fully connected to the divine source of LOVE and LIGHT, you  should not  need the Physiospect, or any other invention to stay healthy.
If your life is totally free of any pollutants, bacteria, viruses, electromagnetic pollutants, stress, disharmony, anger, frustrations, jealousy, uprisings, physical and mental conflicts, geopathic disturbances/stress, if you are totally in bliss regardless of what happens, filled with love and light, then you do not need it.

And if you are a therapist this also applies to your clients, but it is most unlikely that they are in this state of awareness, or they would not be coming to you.



The Physiospect is a fantastic tool to help to restore the body to optimum health.
As far as the medical profession is concerned, doctors are primarily trained to treat symptoms. It is only in the most recent years that the connection between the mind and the body has been acknowledged.
Prescribing Pharmaceutical poisons to suppress symptom, is not healing:
But also here, there is a time and a place.
When needed, I have used them. I had a fantastic eye operation to clear my cataracts. And the staff at our private hospital here in Lagos were absolutely fantastic.
If you break a leg, do not come for a Physiospect treatment. Go to the hospital and have it reset.
If you are in any kind of an accident, rush off to the emergency ward.
They are brilliant in making repairs.

Now let us talk about cancer. The cancer research is a multibillion business.
More people will die from cancer in the next few years, than ever before.
Every cancer patient is worth from 50-100 thousand Euros. And sometimes much more.
It is certainly good for business.


Benign Tumor
Benign Tumor
Malignant Tumor
Malignant Tumor

The Physiospect mostly can and will detect cancer.
In the early stages it can also reverse the cancer:
But if gone too far, it can do nothing. So everyone should have a regular Physiospect scan, to detect problems before there are any physical symptoms.
Your body is programmed for ultimate health. Which it is always striving to achieve. But sometimes it needs a little help.

I give full credit to the early scientists like Tesla and Reef, Mora and Adams etc, as well as the Russian team who have created this marvelous tool. And where do you think they got their inspiration from?
I want to make one thing very clear.
We do not claim that the Physiospect does the healing.

In the Physiospect programs are stored the frequencies of the various healthy body organs and systems. These frequencies are then transferred, via the headphones, to the back of your brain. And now the brain, which is in instant communication with all your body organs, takes over.
The Physiospect does not do the healing, you do.

Physiospect does not provide specific medical advice, and is not engaged in providing medical and professional services. Use of Physiospect does not replace medical consultations with a qualified health or medical professional to meet health and medical needs.

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