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The Physiospect is a fantastic tool to help to restore the body to optimum health.
As far as the medical profession is concerned, doctors are primarily trained to treat symptoms. It is only in the most recent years that the connection between the mind and the body has been acknowledged.
Prescribing Pharmaceutical poisons to suppress symptom, is not healing:
But also here, there is a time and a place.
When needed, I have used them. I had a fantastic eye operation to clear my cataracts. And the staff at our private hospital here in Lagos were absolutely fantastic.
If you break a leg, do not come for a Physiospect treatment. Go to the hospital and have it reset.
If you are in any kind of an accident, rush off to the emergency ward.
They are brilliant in making repairs.


Benign Tumor
Benign Tumor
Malignant Tumor
Malignant Tumor


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