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From: Saeed  
Sent: 21 April 2015 13:54
To: Dave Hutchinson
Subject: You truly are my Saviour and not someone in the sky or in Heavens. Tuesday 21 April 2015.
Dear Dave,
Even a million thanks are not enough for an Earthly Angel Dave Hutchinson whose kindness cannot be measured. Thank you for scanning my internal organs and glands and simultaneously healing the defects from them and returning them to stress free state. Dave, Every week you boost my confidence and because of this I am progressing in health and not in disease.

Every week you show me, the most effective way to dissolve stress from my stressed organs and glands with Physiospect23. This helps my body to stay in top class condition physiologically as well as psychologically. Your good-self also reassures me with your talk by saying whatever you are doing keep doing it. Your words of reassurance boost my confidence, which then helps me without any fear to progress further and further safely into my breathing practices.
You truly are my Saviour and not someone in the sky or in Heavens. you are my Doctor, my healer and my guide. Your kindness is limitless when it comes to healing a human being. Today's treatment did not make me to go to sleep for 3 hours like last week instead my entire body is bubbling with energy.
Thank you Dave.

Testimony from a 56 year old male.
In 2007,when I was 50 years old, I was taken seriously Ill, very quickly, with what turned out to be pneumonia,pleurisy and a massive infection on both lungs. One day I was fine the next day I was sent to hospital as the doctor thought I may have a collapsed lung. My wife went off home at night time, then phoned the next day to see what ward I was in and what were visiting times. She was then told it had been touch and go in the night as I had stopped breathing. This was a complete shock, but she was told that when young people have pneumonia it is very very serious as it would have been in the body for a long time, and as I was fit and strong I would not have felt ill. Two days later I had to be resuscitated again, and this time was taken to High dependency unit at 5.30 in the afternoon. My wife had to take home all my belongings that evening. At 7.30 the hospital rang her to say I could not breathe on 100% oxygen and they had to paralyze me and put me in an induced coma. To cut a long story short the consultant did not think I would survive, and was convinced it was a water born virus I had caught in my job as a plumber.

Miraculously I did pull through after being kept in a coma for 10 days. What happened then is that I was left with COPD or Small airways disease (as we call it in the UK). So I was told to take inhalers to help with my breathing but my lungs were damaged and would not improve. I did not like taking the inhalers as they are steroids and have to admit to not taking them very often.
About 9 months ago I started having treatment, for my lungs, using the Physiospect. I stopped taking the inhalers completely. The scans of the lungs and pleura when I started were very bad, but I was amazed to see and feel the improvement as the months went by. Once a year I have to see the respiratory nurse at the surgery who tests my lung capacity with various "blow into this tube" exercises. My last visit was last week, and I did my tests, and she was amazed at the results. She said there was nothing wrong with my lungs and I did not have COPD and was taking it off my record. (But she said keep taking the inhalers as this is obviously what's helping). I then said I was not taking the inhalers, and she told me I was "naughty" and I'll see you in a year. I would love to be able to have told her about the Physiospect and the amazing result I have had.

I would thoroughly recommend people to check out Physiospect-Diagnostics-UK.

Thank you very much to Dianne Walters

I love it.
My clients love it.

I first tested the Physiospect on myself. I have had a bad knee for many years. I guess the ligaments were just worn out (I was 78 years old) and the kneecap would periodically pop out and lock. It could be extremely painful. I could not sit in a meditation posture, I was afraid to go swimming as it once popped out while swimming in the Indian ocean and I was unable to move or swim I had to let the waves wash me back ashore. I almost drowned and spent four days in bed instead of on the beach.

It sometimes popped out while getting into the car. I had been treating it over a period with both the SCIO and the Scenar but this did not correct my knee problem. So I started a series of treatments for the knee with the Physiospect and for the last 4 years I have had no problems with the knee at all.

Client 40 year old male.
He had twisted his ankle some time ago and it was quite painful.
As soon as we started with Meta therapy he could feel things happening in his ankle and within ten minutes all pain was gone. He felt so good that he went for a three hour walk.
My friend had taken me for a trip in his plane and as we flew over Moinhos Velhos the client looked up at us, stepped off the path and twisted his ankle again. But that is a different story.

Client 43 year old female.
For years she had problems with her feet. She was unable to walk properly and had pain in both feet. One session with Physiospect and all pain was gone, she went dancing out of the therapy room shouting to everyone: "Look I can walk, look I can dance."

Client. 37 year old woman
She had fallen down quite hard and she had lots of pain in her leg.
15 minutes on the Physiospect and the pain was gone and never came back.

Client 38 year old woman
The doctors had diagnosed her with Arthritis and she had pain in many joints.
The Physiospect did not find any arthritis in her system.
I treated several organs, found an appropriate homeopathic remedy, but due to time limitation I was only able to do Meta therapy on one wrist and the opposite foot.
The next day she came back and she asked if she could please have another session as soon as possible because the hand and foot that we had treated were perfectly fine, but the joints we had not treated were still giving her a lot of pain. After the second session with the physiospect she was pain free. Two months later she is still symptom free.

Client male, Vietnam veteran.
He had been exposed to the foliage poisons used during the war.
He suffered from diabetics and both feet were extremely swollen, he was in a lot of pain and unable to walk except with special slippers. After three sessions the swelling in the feet was gone, there was no pain and he was able to walk normally again. With the combination of the Physiospect and fasting he no longer needed to take the medicine for his diabetics. Both he and his wife were so impressed with the results they got from the Physiospect that they purchased a unit and will set up a therapy center.

Client 78 year old male
He recently came down with a violent virus/bacteria, "Pseudomonas".
The Physiospect identified this virus, which was later verified by a laboratory test.
However the doctor prescribed an antibiotic different from the one that the Physiospect had selected. It turned out that he was allergic to this antibiotic. Healing started right away when he was given the antibiotic suggested by the Physiospect

Marianne, a therapist in London has this to say:
"I love my machine, but I have to confess that the bit I use the most is the META therapy. Clients love it. . Physiospect gets great results. Joints respond amazingly. At the moment I have a lady who uses it as a "life support" machine for her lungs. She can always breath afterwards. She is thinking of buying one...."

Client 60 year old male
Testimonial Chris Lloyd-Pack
I have had two treatments on the Physiospect for different conditions. The first was to try to halt the condition of Solar Keratosis. During the session, I was aware of a tingling sensation on the horn on my chest that I had temporarily forgotten about and three days later, it fell off.

My second condition was an abscess and infection in the gum above a molar tooth, the swelling coming down and in between two molars. I had this for two days during which time the swelling was increasing and the pain prevented me from clenching my jaw in a chewing action. During the session, the swelling disappeared completely and with the aid of the homeopathic preparations, (as identified and prepared by Physiospect) the infection cleared up as well.

Client 57 year old female
Testimonial Janice Etheridge
I have never used alternative therapies and have always gone down the conventional track when I have needed medical advice or attention. But I have completely changed my outlook after my experiences in Portugal . With a machine called the Physiospect.

Two days before I arrived in Portugal I noticed my ankle had a slight swelling, thinking nothing much of this… I put it down to a bit of fluid retention. My age 56 the fact that I drank and smoked made this all seem possible…As I arrived at the airport my ankle became quite swollen and painful and continued to swell up during the flight. After a few days I was concerned enough to get medical advice and consulted a doctor who could not diagnose exactly what was wrong and suggested that I might need an X-ray.

My ankle continued to swell and became very hot…my friend suggested I might try a session on the Physiospect to see if that would bring up any answers to what the problem was. Although at the time I could not see the point of this, I was in pain and desperate.

Frank Jensen a Physiospect practitioner gave me a session on his machine, this involved me wearing a pair of headphones and being “hooked up” to a computer with a laser pointed at my forehead. I was informed of what he was doing and could watch a screen as he diagnosed the problem. It was all a bit Science fiction for me but he came up with a diagnosis in 2 minutes and prescribed a homeopathic remedy for me to take and explained that the machine would also give me some Meta therapy.

The Physiospect diagnosed a lymph drainage blockage and the very next day after treatment the swelling in my ankle started to reduce and the pain vanished. Two days after treatment I was completely symptom free.

Testimonial: Denise Chapman aged 53

Being a gardener I often suffer from joint pains, such as hips, knees and wrists, bit I have found that one treatment with the Physiospect machine gives immediate relief.

Just before Christmas 2008 I was suffering with acute bronchitis and being asthmatic I had to attend the emergency A & E department of the local hospital where I was put on a cortisone drip. I was X-rayed and shocked to see shadows on both my lungs. Returning to Moinhos Velhos, were I work I received a treatment with the Physiospect and was delighted to obtain immediate and long-lasting relief. I cannot praise this treatment enough and have no hesitation in recommending the Physiospect..

John D

After lacking in energy for some time, with the Doctors not being able to locate the seat of the problem, I consulted Samantha Doyle in an attempt to find out what if, anything, she could do to help me. After taking a lengthy case, she used the Physiospect on me and it was amazing. It was programmed to look at areas where Sam thought there may have been weaknesses, and to my amazement, the computer scan results were within seconds, and was able to identify and treat homeopathically my adrenal glands, simultaneously my energy levels began to improve! Incredible. I feel so much better after just one session. I would recommend the Physiospect to anyone.
Samanthe Doyle lives in Sussex outside of London and can be contacted at:
Samantha Doyle

Joan W

I had not been feeling well for some three weeks with cystitis/bladder problems. The Physiospect correctly picked up areas of stress and changes in the kidney/bladder areas and provided remedies to correct the problem. I also had a heavy cold which disappeared quickly without any of my usual coughing episodes. I would recommend anyone to use this non-invasive way of getting to the bottom of health issues quickly so that the correct homeopathic remedy can be taken alongside the energetic healing the Physiospect provides at the time of the consultation.

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