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By Frank

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I used to be a salmon fisherman in British Columbia, Canada. But I had a bad back, and for ten years on a regular basis, I had to strap myself into a steel corset. Nothing I tried helped, I could not stay bent over for more than one minute or I would freeze up and at times the heaviest thing I could lift was a rum and coke. Today it would probably be a mint tea.

Then I got introduced to Yoga and this changed my life. My back eventually became completely healed and I became a Yoga instructor.

I spent five years in the Sivananda ashrams and here I was introduced to complementary and alternative therapies. I was fascinated with Kinesiology, I became an International Touch for Health Instructor, Educational Kinesiology Instructor, Processional Health Provider, Three in One Facilitator. I traveled all over Europe and America and studied with the top men in the field. I also became familiar with acupuncture, homeopathy, flower and gem remedies.
While giving a two weeks course in TFH in Madras, India I was taken in hand by Dr. Rao who taught me radionics and how to make homeopathic remedies using geometric cards, all of which brought me into frequency remedies and distant healing.

I was very successful with my therapies, and to bring it all in under one roof, Anne Karine and I in 1992 established Moinhos Velhos Health Retreat in Portugal. Then one day I had this dream or vision that my therapy room was full of different electronic instruments and computers for healing. I was somewhat surprised, my work was mostly hands on, and I certainly was not a computer buff. And I still am not. I had to learn how to make simple web pages when my computer guru was just too busy to make some necessary changes. But I just know the very basics. I sometimes wish that I could make some of the fancy stuff, but it is way beyond me.

My first computer therapy device was the ACTS (Automatic Computerized Therapy System)
The developer claimed that there were 260 000 different therapy possibilities stored in the system. That seemed rather excessive but not impossible. I paid 3000 pounds for the unit, but I was never that happy with it. I had some results but the program never told me what it found or what remedies were selected. You just sat in front of the computer and took it all in on faith. I was in frequent touch with the developer, I told him that what I wanted was a program that would tell me what problems the client had and what therapies and remedies had been selected. The developer told me that this was certainly possible but it would cost three times as much.
I told him: If you make it I will buy it.
He never did.

The second year that we were at Moinhos Velhos I developed a terrible pain in my left leg.
For a month I was almost unable to move. I had every therapy : Bicom, Acupuncture,
Homeopathy, Reflexology, Chiropractic and two Psychic hip operations. They all helped for 24 hours and then the pain came back.

The Internet was new for us. During the night I would sit in front of the computer surfing the net which, for a while, made me somewhat unaware of the pain . One night I came across something called the "GodBox" developed by Bob in Colorado. It was a fascinating program and as it was still in the Beta stage I was able to download and install it on my computer for free. It had a multitude of variable settings, which would create frequencies on the screen of dancing lines of energies to produce different results. It was all a little beyond me but it had several hundred preset programs.

One of the preset programs was called "Eliminate Back Pain". Well the pain was all down my leg, but I suspected that it originated from my back. So I put on this program, sat in front of the computer screen for one hour and watched the dancing lines.

The next day I was free of all pain, and it never came back. That was my first real introduction to the fantastic possibilities of healing with a computer program.

You might say that it was just a coincidence. But Anne Karine had been away for some weeks and when she returned she had developed a large lump on one elbow. We tried everything, but nothing worked. Then I told her about this "GodBox" that I had downloaded and maybe there was something here that would help. Well there certainly was no program for "lump on the elbow" but using kinesiology I selected four different programs that she should sit in front of.
She did three programs the first day and one the next day. Within 24 hours the lump had reduced by 75 % and within the next 24 hours it was completely gone.
So it could no longer be a coincidence.

We worked with Bob for a year or so, but we were never able to establish a procedure that was practical in the clinic. We had to use kinesiology to select the appropriate programs,but this was extremely time consuming. We had to test over 500 items to select the various programs to use, and the client then had to sit in front of the computer screen for one or two hours just watching the dancing lines. Neither Anne Karine nor I was computer savvy enough to understand how it worked and how to create our own programs. Once the Beta stage was over, the developer Bob, also seemed to have lost interest in developing the program any further. He was now into music, film and recording the songs of the wales in the North West passage.
Yes we had some good results, but it was really time consuming, most client got completely bored and did not believe that it really could work.
Even if it did.

One day on my desk there was a brochure about the Quantum QXCI. This sounded fascinating and I was soon of to the UK for a demonstration. I was very impressed and purchased the QXCI.
Developed by an American, William Nelson, the Quantum QXCI ( now QXCI/SCIO) offers a multitude of programs for biofeedback stress analysis and treatments. I was rather overwhelmed. There was so much to learn and do, so many possibilities, and even though I managed to get the main English trainer, John Kelsey, to Portugal for a couple of weeks training (I bartered room and board for him and his family with a holiday at Moinhos Velhos, in exchange for training) it was a year before I felt confident enough to use the QXCI with clients, and then only after having done a couple of workshops with Bill Nelson and others.

Yes the Quantum QXCI/SCIO works.We have had some great experiences with the unit.
But the clients that I see who come to Moinhos Velhos for a two week or ten days fasting program are not here long enough for me to see long term results.
I do not see clients outside of the fasting program. (Except for a few friends)
So I have ten days to two weeks to see results. Sometimes we do get the desired result, but I think the QXCI/SCIO works better when you see the clients over a longer period.

The first Russian biofeedback unit that I got was the "Scenar." This fellow just showed up one day to demonstrate the unit and I bought it. The Scenar is a hand held biofeedback unit, developed by the Russians for the astronauts to use in space, as traditional medicine does not work in space. I do not use it that much. I have found it very useful for certain problems like neck and upper back problems, but I find it rather boring just rubbing it up and down.

Then I had a client from Norway and when I put her on the QXCI/SCIO she was familiar with the unit. (Most people are not). But she told me that her therapist in Norway also used a unit called the Introspect (now Physiospect) for scanning the different organs.
After she explained it to me I had to say "this sounds just what I have been looking for"..

The Physiospect was indeed what I had been searching for.
I immediately purchased a unit and ever since I got it I have been more and more fascinated with its potential and capabilities.

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