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Physiospect-23 in comparison with Physiospect-15/17 has several advantages:

- Accuracy of diagnostics is increased due to improved program processing of results.
- Speed of diagnostics is increased due to improved system of data processing.
- Database is added by tens of new etalons, hundreds of new organs including bones,
muscles, cells and DNA structures.


options to investigate

The above is only a partial list, there are many more options.
You can elect to go with the default selection for any one of the 3 options, or you can pre-select what you want to investigate. New possibilities and functions, friendly interface and design do work with the device more convenient.

select problem areas

Online demonModel Physiospect 23 is the first model with possibilities to work with Aura, Chakras, Acupuncture points and meridians.
acupuncture points

Database and program interface are translated into 50 languages
- Auto therapy function is included. After the research Physiospect can do automatic frequency correction (meta-therapy) for those organs which need it.
The difference from the previous versions, you don't have to turn on metatherapy separately for each organ - all process can be done automatically

aura and chakras

Aura and Chakras

face diagnosis

Face diagnosis.

Version Physiospect 23 is a software update for version 15/17 Physiospect,
the hardware is the same.
If you already have version 15 or17,
you only have to purchase the update to get version Physiospect 23.

The Physiospect is also compatible with Apple Mac computers running a PC emulator

Manual, Manual -2

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